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  • haven putnam
    Jan 24, 2000
      Dear Larry
      I have to say that in the last year what I unearthed on Don has
      to a large degree changed my life. Firstly Don was genuinely a wonderful,
      caring, compassionate person. What amazed me the most was his ability to
      forgive those who had wronged him , one of those people happened to be my
      great aunt Dorothy. They had been close friends for over twenty years before
      they married. Dorothy had just survived an abusive marriage and had suffered
      both emotional and physical abuse. To this Don in Floridays tells her ( pg
      10 )" For I would heal old hurts with loveliness, and soothe my eyes with
      color's bright caress, With sunsets arched behind tall lonely palms."
      Unfortunately things didn't turn our the way they planned. Don was a merry
      prankster and Dorothy was the crayon heiress, not the most suitable match,
      in retrospect. Don it seems had held a torch for her from the first day he
      met her in Bend OR. He dedicated Vagabond house to her and one of Dorothys
      acquaintances believed that she was his rowdy duchess. With all that he
      invested in the relationship you would think he would be bitter when the
      relationship soured, Don genuinely forgive her and the family that had
      mistreated him. I don't have time at this moment to go into more details,
      but I can say that I have been touched by his forgiveness and in turn his
      love., whatever moral vices he may have had are irrelevant !!!!!
      Take care: Haven

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      >Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Re: DB
      >Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 18:38:00 EST
      >In a message dated 00-01-24 10:02:59 EST, you write:
      ><< I have had more than one email over the last 8 months alluding to the
      > sexual persuasions of DB. Maybe this is stirred up due to his lack of
      > marriages, etc. I was told that the travelogue movie he did for the
      > Travel Bureau, which is at the Bishop Museum would given hints to his
      > persuasion due to his mannerisms and voice, etc. Not having seen the
      > Travelogue, I don't know what to expect. I don't know how one can make
      > assumptions based on the Travelogue itself. >>
      > But even if Don has "various sexual persuasions"... it still doesn't
      >away from his body of work. Whatever is going around now, "lifestyle"-wise,
      >has always gone on, this is nothing new here.
      > Mannerisms alone are no indication of sexual preference as we all know.
      >They can cause us to suspect someone, but it is not to be held as "proof"
      >someones sexuality.
      > For various reasons, mainly the stigma that homosexuality/bisexuality
      >seems to have in our culture, if Don was either, you will probably find
      >nothing written to corroborate it. Any evidence would have to anecdotal
      >living relatives/friends, etc.
      >Then our writers will have to ask themselves if this is something they
      >want to reveal...lots of questions, and I hear a can of worms being opened
      > One thing we all know if we have read many biographies, is that
      >has skeletons in their closets. No one has walked a life that all of
      >would approve of. Not me, and not you, either... Many times we idealize our
      >heroes and refuse to believe that they, like us, have feet of clay. I guess
      >the biographers task, at times, is to walk a fine line between writing
      >"truth" and writing what becomes an expose.
      > I don't have a tidy way of winding this post up, just some rambling
      >thoughts that have been going through my mind today after reading these
      >fascinating posts... anyone else have their mana'o (opinion) to add?
      > Aloha
      > larry
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