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895Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: questions

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  • Beverly Leinbach
    May 3, 2000
      Cadia, Jim,
      Were they all living there together? How big is this bungalow anyway.
      Wasn't Edythe with DB when he died? Just wondering.

      We're talking about 1154 Ogden Drive in Hollywood, CA. That's the
      address I have on a 1950 letter to the literary clip service (on my

      Jim refers to the address as being that of Edythe Genee or Grace
      Callahan ... when?

      By the way, thanks to Dean, I now have 7 Polaroid pix of the house
      still at that address amid apartment buildings. A wonderful little
      1920s bungalow with charming garden, white picket fence and flower-
      laden trellis.

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