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830Re: [aloha-donblanding] Thesis, obits...

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Apr 30, 2000
      tj got his thesis but was gone this weekend motorhoming around and didn't
      read much yet. Thanks, that was great work Cadia. I'll get into it this
      week. I am also making concerted efforts to firm up the dates for the Carmel
      show. Hopefully, this week will be the week I know. Also, by coincidence, a
      good friend of mine was born in Enid. She still has family there. I was
      discussing Blanding with her and mentioned Enid and her eyes lit up....you
      never know what you find out there....she will assist me in seeing what and
      who in Enid might help us uncover somemore Blanding mysteries. We'll see
      where it goes, but it will help to have some local contacts that can do some
      leg work. And so, Blandingites, what exactly to we want to know about Enid?
      Truthfully, I haven't followed all of the dialogue on it, other than I
      understand there seems to be some confusion as to whether he lived there or
      not, or visited, or had relatives or friends??? Sorry, but I'm busy thinking
      of the show right now......thanks...
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