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8[aloha-donblanding] movie at the Bishop Museum

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  • RSRICHMOND@aol.com
    Jan 17, 2000
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      William Smith on Maui describes a movie. Was that movie "Hawaii Calls"? The
      dust jacket of my old copy of "Stowaways in Paradise" had some promotion for
      a movie by that name, starring a now forgotten male Shirley Temple named
      Bobby Breen. I know that this movie is extant, but I've never seen it.

      Don Blanding invented throwing leis into the water off Diamond Head? I very
      vividly remember doing this in the summer of 1941, watching my favorite lei -
      of green bud-like flowers - sink into the water and feeling very sad. (But I
      did return to Hawai'i.)

      If there was a band playing Aloha 'Oe I don't remember it. But I was two
      years and three months old.

      Bob Richmond
      Knoxville TN
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