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  • TikiRoom18@aol.com
    Jan 24, 2000
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      In a message dated 00-01-24 02:53:11 EST, you write:

      << Tom
      I started doing research on Don about a year ago, in hopes that he would
      be a point on which the waring Putnam family could agree, (that being to
      start a foundation for the arts in his name). Boy was I wrong ! Don was
      married to my great aunt Dorothy Putnam, and the marriage read like a Marx
      Brothers movie, Don and his friends being the marx brothers and Dorothy
      being Mrs. Snoopington. Don was truly a crack-up to be around and had no use
      for the country club set that Dorothy hung around with. Ultimately Don ends
      up the Mayor of Ft. Pierce (everyone in town loved the guy except the X and
      her family who happened to own the bank, newspaper and everything of value
      in town.) Don found himself out of sorts with the power brokers , not a good
      position to be in. NOBODY CROSSED DOROTHY AND GOT AWAY WITH IT !!!! The
      family (G.P.Putnams side) started a smear campaign , that being to expose
      that Don was the Walt Whitman of the south Seas (if you get my drift). Don
      never returned to FT. Pierce after the war and any attempts to patch things
      up fell on deaf ears ! By the way if Don had picked up Walt Whitman
      tendencies it was due to Dorothy and her kinky rich friends.
      At any rate I felt it was safer to abandon my research, I got a little
      to close to family skeletons in the closet and find myself off course with
      my original intention, that being to break down the misunderstanding between
      my cousins and my own family members.
      If you need a publisher let me know, I have been working with Florida
      Classics (the company that publishes Floridays ) and will put you in touch
      with them. This story is far more intriguing than I ever could have
      imagined, I just don't want G.P.s side blaming me for letting the truth be
      told !!!!1
      Haven (bob) Putnam Jr.

      What a fantastically gossip-y post! I love it! It does make Don's life
      seem more real to know that he had these personal difficulties...Are you
      serious that Don was the MAYOR of a town called Ft. Pierce? This is certainly
      new to me... I didn't take Don for the political type. How interesting...
      You mention not wanting to continue your research because of family
      reasons, well, would you consider sharing your notes with some of our
      writer-friends here on this mailing list? There is talk of trying to get some
      sort of biography together. I'm sure your family information will come in
      handy. Just a thought...
      And please feel free to continue to share stories here! I thank you for
      this post, it is certainly intriguing and reveals a little more about the
      personal side of this most interesting man...

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