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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 17, 2000
      Hi, Larry ... welcome aboard!

      I have bits and pieces of Don Blanding's life in my files, and will gradually work them into my website or this list. With nearly 70 names on this list so far, I am truly hoping to gather a lot more information that we can all share.

      "Joy Is An Inside Job" is probably my favorite Blanding book. I have given copies of it to many people over the past 35 years or so. I love the double meaning of the title and the wonderful illustration of mountains...if one does not feel humbled by the grandeur of mountain peaks, one never will!

      This book, I think, reflects both the maturity of the author and his continuing quest to learn more about his world and about himself. My personal feeling is that he turned to the study of metaphysics to help deal with the devastating loss of "Scotty" (late 1930s as nearly as I can determine), the difficult war years and his unhappy marriage to Dorothy, and plain ol' "midlife crisis." Somewhere in "Joy..." or in "A Grand Time Living," he mentions a severe depression and its effect on his priorities.

      Don passed away June 9, 1957 in Los Angeles, following a heart attack. In my files, I have a copy of an obit from an LA paper and will try to post it sometime this week.

      Meanwhile, I have had an inquiry as to how one can obtain permission to use a snippet of the poem "Vagabond's House" on a small gift item for a limited number of people. With the publisher long out of business, does anyone still control publication of DB's work? If so, who?

      Since a number of Blanding poems grace the internet, including my own website, with no objections, is permission really needed?

      All thoughts, ideas and opinions are welcome!


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