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69[aloha-donblanding] Don Blanding Aloha Shirts

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  • TikiRoom18@aol.com
    Jan 23, 2000
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      In a message dated 00-01-23 20:20:50 EST, you write:

      << Also, I understand that there is fabric that was used for the DB
      Aloha shirts. Where can i find out more about this?

      In Don Blanding's book "Joy Is An Inside Job" there are two pictures of
      him wearing Aloha Shirts designed from his artwork. On the inside picture it
      shows Don at a booksigning for "Joy..." and he is wearing a shirt with the
      design for the poem "Scarecrow Watlz" which is on page 113 of that book. On
      the dustjacket there is a closeup photo of Don outside wearing an aloha
      shirt, the design of which looks very similar to his Vernon Kilns pottery
      designs, profusion of island flowers...
      I hope this helps... And I have heard that collectors have samples of
      these shirts, but I personally have never seen one. With the collectors
      interest in old time aloha shirts that have been around for the past 20 years
      or so, I'd imagine that people have a lot of these in their collections and
      may not be aware of what they have...

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