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665[aloha-donblanding] Re: Good stuff in the vault!

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Mar 29, 2000
      From tj: As time permits, I had an extra copy of the Pine Cone made for me
      and I am going through it and cutting out information that I will be copying
      at work and then scanning and sending to the vault. The Pine Cone itself was
      too big to mess with so I take it to work and copy what I need. I will try
      to put all information into the right spots but if Cadia wants to move it
      around, I wouldn't care. There are book reviews from this period in the Pine
      Cone that are quite interesting to read. I have some other information also,
      but will go through it after I finish the Pine Cone uploading. Bev also has
      a lot of the same info I have from the Carmel Pine Cone.
      I have been emailing back and forth with the Pine Cone again. I'm
      asking to get into their vault but have met a lot of resistance. I have the
      Editors phone number now and we are going to have a conversation that I hope
      will be productive. I do want to produce an article for the current modern
      Pine Cone and at the same time run an ad for "Anyone Out There Remember Don
      Blanding" if so, contact me and I will put in the egroup address if that OK
      with Cadia. I was sort of hoping that I might be able to recreate the actual
      DB Pine Cone as some kind of Special Edition on Don Blanding and link it to
      the history of Carmel and the Heritage Society and Kay Prine's friends.
      There needs to be some kind of "activist" (Oh no, going back to my Berkeley,
      60's days) movement in Carmel to perhaps designate DB's vagabond house as a
      "Historical Site" and thus free from demolition, etc. That is part of my
      goal with my efforts with the Pine Cone. And so, tj has been quiet but
      planning out other adventures with Carmel. At some point if their is any
      interest in Carmel to preserve DB's home, we may have to ban together as a
      group and petition the Mayor, etc. They need to know that this is not just
      one persons interest. And so, I now go to work.....
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