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664[aloha-donblanding] Re: Good stuff in the vault!

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  • Bill McMurray
    Mar 29, 2000
      Good morning, one and all,
      It does seem that some of our regulars have developed 'writer's block' or
      something similar so I've been taking the time to explore the vault more
      than I've done in the past.
      For the benefit particularly of new members, but also for any of the
      others who have not visited all the pages, or got easily discouraged after
      going to a few pages only to find that there were no files there, here are
      the book reviews that are actually listed now:
      Vagabond's House 1 review
      Hula Moons 3 reviews

      There is a posting for "Leaves From a Grass House" but I can only see
      coded gibberish. (Cadia, could you check that out?) There will be more
      reviews uploaded in the not to distant future, namely for "Songs of the
      Seven Senses," which I have just sent to Cadia.

      In the "photos" section there are nice photos from Bend, Oregon and the
      one that Bev just supplied from Carmel, Cal.. Don't miss it. It's great.
      And don't miss the Photo point section . But don't be discouraged about
      going to pages that are listed but have no postings. This is still a work
      in progress, and, if I may paraphrase a famous poem, "no doubt, the SITE is
      unfolding as it should."

      Cadia has undertaken a massive project here, she has laid out a terrific
      "floor plan", and in only
      2 !/2 months there is an incredible amount of information to be found
      here, not only in the vault, but in all the sections of the site.

      Well, that's all I have to say for now. Happy hunting!!!


      > From: Cadia Los <duchess@...>
      > To: aloha-donblanding@...
      > Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Scheduled eGroups maintenance downtime
      > Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 8:40 PM
      > Hi, all....
      > Just received this message from eGroups:
      > **********
      > The eGroups site will be off-line from 6pm Friday March 31st until 6am
      > Saturday April 1st Pacific Standard Time for scheduled maintenance.
      > We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or subscribers.
      > Please notify your subscribers of this scheduled downtime.
      > During this outage, the eGroups website will be unavailable. Mail will
      > not be delivered during some of the outage. Any mail received during
      > this downtime will be delivered Saturday morning.
      > Thank you in advance for your patience.
      > **********
      > So if you are planning to catch up on your reading here, or to upload
      > files, I guess Friday night is out!
      > ~~Cadia
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