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66[aloha-donblanding] Receiving messages, member profiles, links, chat, etc.

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 23, 2000
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      Hi, everyone...

      Just a reminder that there are a lot of resources to tap at this eGroups.com site.

      Most of you are receiving messages as individual e-mails. If this gets overwhelming, or if you are going on vacation, you may want to switch to "digest" or "web only." You can do this by modifying your subscription at:


      At present, non-members can read and post messages, but do not have access to other areas. I'd like to keep this list as open as possible, and so far there have been no problems in this area.

      Since most of you were subscribed from my personal mailing list, you may want to create your member's profile. Just go to the Members page, click on your e-mail address, and you'll be able to custom-tailor your profile. (Profiles can be viewed by other members by clicking on your e-mail address.) You can also use the "edit" function next to your member listing to make various changes.

      I've also started a Links section, to which you are free to add, and at some point we'll have to see about setting up chat sessions. Any member can contribute to the Calendar, set up chats, etc. We can create a database and do polls. Then there's that 20 MG of Vault space...just waiting for contributions! Each area has its own Help info.

      I hope you'll each take some time to investigate the site and make suggestions or contribute material to these other areas.

      And to the members who have not yet said hello...we'd love to hear from you!

      ~~Cadia duchess@...