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635[aloha-donblanding] Re: Non-profit foundation

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  • haven putnam
    Mar 17, 2000
      >From: Gerald Argetsinger <gsanla@...>
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      >Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Non-profit foundation
      >Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 08:34:42 -0500
      Jerry wrote:
      My understanding is, that if we do publish a book with our comments and such
      -- For example, our own version of the "Best of Don Blanding", the original
      material that we add in essay and commentary would be covered by the new
      copyright, BUT all of the Blanding works would still be in the public
      domain. As several of you know, the process to copyright material is
      actually quite simple. Last time I went through the process it was mostly a
      matter of waiting. I think it took about ten months -- BUT the process
      actually begins After the actual publication of the work, due to the fact
      that you must submit copies of the published work to the Library of Congress
      when you submit the copyright forms and check.
      You don't even have to call your book "The Best of Don Blanding" you
      could get a new copyright on "Floridays" based on your notes (check out how
      many copyrights have been issued on Don Quixote or any of Shakespeares
      writings for that matter!) The point here is the publishing business is like
      the record business, the chances of getting a top 10 record or a book on the
      bestsellers list is the exception not the rule! You would think that
      everything Jimmy Buffet touched turned to gold, but his version of
      "Floridays" isn't flying off the bookstores shelves, neither did his last
      album, go figure ! Even with the marketing mussel of a large publishing
      house there may not be a larger market for Dons works than that of our group
      (a printing run of less that 500 wouldn't even pay for the set-up costs!)
      I feel the founding members of this group should have some say as to how
      they would like to see this franchise develop. That even if we don't start a
      foundation, we should have a web-ring. That our web-ring defines the groups
      long and short term goals. I.E. what kind of input/influence do we have on
      Don's Museum of the Great Plains show and how we can get the Bishops Museum
      to be the next in line, then Carmel, Seattle , etc. We probably all know
      someone already raided Cadia's site and maybe as a group we can exert
      pressure on that individual to fall in line with our long range goals or
      ELSE!!!!! Hopefully this develops along the lines that made Don successful,
      that instead of having a bunch of chiefs trying to run the show, we have
      Aunty Pinau's Aloha spirit encouraging and empowering our endeavors. That
      ultimately we have the same blessing that Don had, the blessing of the
      Hawaiian people. That we become the descendants of "Alohi Lani" and our
      labors ultimately become a blessing to the Hawaiian people just like Don's
      did !!!
      MAHALO Bob
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