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627[aloha-donblanding] Re: Non-profit foundation

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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    Mar 16 5:56 AM
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      Cadia Los wrote:

      > One goal would be to acquire the copyright to all of DB's work. Then,
      > anyone who wishes to publish or otherwise use his writing or art would
      > require the foundation's permission and pay a licensing fee. This is
      > an area we need to look into further, especially in regard to potential
      > income.

      The issue of copyright has also been on my mind. Under the laws when DB was writing,
      I believe a copyright lasted 28 years and could be renewed one time. Under the most
      recent laws, copyrights are good until 50 years after the writer dies. But I have no
      idea if the new law applied back to previously published works. I also know that
      Disney and other corporations just got the law extended (I think to 75 years) for such
      profitable items as Mickey Mouse . . . but I have no idea if the extention is general
      or limited to commercial applications.

      We will probably have to consult a copyright attorney to get some questions answered.
      It SEEMS that no one has bothered to renew the DB copyrights. IF they did, it SEEMS
      that all of his work will go out of copyright within six years. It SEEMS as though
      the folks who reprint DB books and poems are doing it without copyright permission and
      that there is really no one out there who cares.

      A couple of years ago I tried to track down this question by attempting to trace who
      acquired the copyrights from Dodd, Mead when it was sold or acquired. I was no where
      near successful with that. As one unidentified publishing executive in a "Right's"
      office told me, "There's not a significant market for that material. It's not worth
      the expense to chase down the copyright holder. The only way it will be pursued is
      if someone figures out a way to make money off of them. THEN people will show up out
      of the woodwork claiming to have the rights." In other words -- don't bother us . .
      . do what you want . . . but you'd better not make any money because THEN we will
      track this down.

      Makes me nervous.

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