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621[aloha-donblanding] Re: Non-profit foundation

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Mar 15, 2000
      Cadia: Please don't interpret this as negative. I have only have questions
      for the group. What is the immediate advantage of setting up the non-profit,
      if we have little money to purchase or operate? Can this lead us to bigger
      things, or are we just shuffling paper. If I read this right, we can have up
      to $3000 per year in an account, from which we can purchase DB's
      Art/Books/Memoriabila? I do like this part if thats what we can actually do.
      Do we then charge a membership fee to belong? How do we generate money?
      Can the Non-profit status be used to get into bigger Foundation Grants, or
      other area's that will support us?
      Don't get me wrong, I like these ideas you are coming up with, I just
      have to analyze, evaluation, assess, as it is in my nature.
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