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615[aloha-donblanding] Non-profit foundation

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  • Cadia Los
    Mar 15, 2000
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      Hi, all...

      I spoke with a friend yesterday about setting up the Aloha, Don
      Blanding Collectors Society as a non-profit foundation in Washington
      State. Turns out, he set one up for one of his environmental
      interests, and the process is quite easy.

      He's going to walk me through obtaining and filing the proper forms.
      Resgistration with the (WA) Secretary of State's office takes about a
      month. A form also has to be filed with the IRS. But nobody checks up
      on you unless significant money is coming and going (over about $3000 a
      year). Maintaining the state registration costs $10 a year.

      What we need to do first:

      (1) Draft statement of purpose and by-laws for the foundation.
      (2) Elect officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer).

      Nominations and the election can be held by mail...even by e-mail.
      Officers can reside anywhere. However, as a Washington State resident,
      I am nominating myself as President.

      I will know more once I have the necessary forms. But proposed drafts
      for the by-laws and statement of purpose (these can be pretty brief)
      are welcome now. And nominations are open for officers. I think any
      election should wait until Keith returns from vacation, and anyone else
      should let us know if they will be away from the group during April so
      that a snail-mail ballot can be sent. At present, we have 49 members;
      I hope each of you will take part in this process.


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