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587[aloha-donblanding] March 5, 1937 Carmel Pine Cone

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Mar 10, 2000
      tj has his copy of the 1937 Carmel newspaper devoted entirely to Don
      Blanding. What I have is a copy of the newpaper only. It's size is 11X17
      and requires special copying. I am going to get estimates on copying it and
      if anyone wants a copy, I can have it copied and sent to you. You can then
      reimburse the cost plus shipping to me. I would expect that it will cost at
      least $20 for each copy as it is 43 pages long. I read every page and will go
      over it again. Even Earl Stanley Gardner knew DB and wrote testimony for the
      Pine Cone. Lots of very personal insights into DB. Lots of research for
      Keith and others more versed in the electronic wizardry of researching on
      line. There are some book reviews also. So, how many copies do I make of
      this? I would think that the more copies there are, the cheaper the price
      and so lets make this easy on me and make one order and subsequent
      mailing....I plan to take my copy to a professional and have it bound, mainly
      to protect it, it really is a neat item.
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