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560[aloha-donblanding] Re: Virgin of Waikiki

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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    Mar 7, 2000
      I think the information that has been found re The Virgin of Waikiki
      demonstrates one of the real problems when doing research on the
      writings of a poet! What constitutes a "First Edition"? Two of you
      have editions that were printed before 1933 -- yet 1933 is cited in the
      RIT copy as the First edition pub in Hawaii, limited to 100 copies bound
      in Tapa Cloth. The listing I found on the web cites the 1933 Tapa Cloth
      volume AND a first commericial release also in 1933 pbl by H.M. Snyder.
      But there they are - two earlier editions! Were these private
      editions? Published by the author? Circulated only to friends?

      Regarding the envelope on the one edition. It's been a while since I
      have examined the copy in the RIT library, but I remember that there was
      some kind of device included in the book that kept the last page hidden
      until the reader had read the rest of the book. Apparently DB felt it
      was important to prevent the reader from accidentally seeing the
      punchline before reading the rest of the story. Perhaps the envelop
      fits over the last page some way, hiding the punchline until the story
      had been read?

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