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555[aloha-donblanding] Re: New Purchase Questions

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Mar 6, 2000
      Re: Virgin of Waikiki editions: tj just looked at his one and only copy, it
      is hardbound red in color with a DJ showing a Hawaiin looking girl prancing
      maybe dancing next to the shore with a cat sitting by her observing her every
      action. The first copyright appears to be 1928, mine is 1933. It was
      printed at the Country Life Press, Garden City, N.Y.. My copy also had an
      envelope which is the same size as the book itself that appears to be a
      separate enclosure. The inscription on the envelope says:

      "For sudry reasons the astonishing consummation of the ballad must be
      withheld temporarily only--we hope--from the further enjoyment of the

      On the top left cornerof the envelope is an impish Cherub holding a
      guitar, on the bottom right is a devilish looking cherub holding a Ukelali
      (so it appears). These same cherub's are in the book itself.
      I'm not sure of the significance of the envelop yet. It had nothing in
      it. From the sounds of the inscription, I thought that maybe the envelope
      had a final entry for the book that was deemed secret or something. The
      envelope was definetely a part of the book itself. Are there any other
      envelope's out there??? Now I'm really curious as to how many different
      versions of the Virgin there are.
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