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554[aloha-donblanding] favorite poem

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  • Gayle Harrington
    Mar 6, 2000
      I know it will sound redundant, but I have to say that my favorite poem
      is also Vagabond's House, only because it was my earliest memory of DB
      and my introduction to him. However, over the years I have branched
      out and come to appreciate his other works.

      I also would like to ask the group that when you mention your favorite,
      please tell us which book it is in. Some of them that have been
      mentioned I know about, but others I would like to read for myself but
      do not know which book to look in.

      Jerry - the Heart's Radar sounds interesting - I will watch for you to
      post which book it is in so that I can check it out.

      Thanks - Gayle
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