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551[aloha-donblanding] Re: A question for the group

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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    Mar 6, 2000
      My favorite Blanding poem is "Heart's Radar." I think the first
      attraction is the family connection to the poem, that DB personally
      noted to my father that it was written to remember Scotty, his Lone Wolf
      partner, my father's roommate, and my own name sake. But before I knew
      that, I knew of the poem because my mother read it often after my
      father's death. Finally, I think that it is one of his most eloquent
      poems. It is extremely well written, it touches the heart without
      dipping into cheap sentimentalism, it is loving and it is uplifting.
      When I am sometimes asked to speak at a funeral, I always read it; when
      a friend experiences a death in the family, I always give them a copy.
      It assuages the pain of grief and offers the hope of a better life in
      the hereafter.

      -- Jerry
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