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543[aloha-donblanding] Re: A question for the group

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  • Bill McMurray
    Mar 5, 2000
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      Hi Larry,
      Yes, it does seem that all the regulars have paused to take a breath,
      doesn't it? But if you look back at the volume of messages that have been
      posted here in just a few short weeks, I guess it's to be expected that
      things would slow down.
      I guess if I was really "obliged" to name my favorite DB poem I would have
      to say Vagabond's House, just because it's been familiar to me for close to
      forty years. As I have said many times, I first heard it on the radio, read
      by Paul Reid, in the 60s. At about the same time I purchased a book
      intitled "The Best Loved Poems Of The American People" and was thrilled to
      find Vagabond's House in it. It was not until the mid 90s that I acquired
      any of DB's books, my first purchases being a signed copy of Vagabond's
      House and an unsigned copy of The Rest Of The Road. I found them both in a
      little used book store in Ottawa. I recently purchased a first edition of
      Songs Of The Seven Senses from a store in Illinois which I contacted
      through the Internet.
      In those three books, of course, I have found many hours of enjoyment and
      many works that I love, but it would take a long time, I think, to supplant
      the one that has given me so much pleasure, relaxation, dreams and memories
      for such a long time as has Vagabond's House.
      But, if a list of "potentials" might be permitted I would mention :
      The Spun Glass Ship
      Names Are Ships
      Farewell To Vagabond's House

      There are certainly others, but those are the ones that come to mind just
      now. Also, The Tranquil Hour, which I read in Floridays at the public
      library in Toronto, is very poignant and I wonder if indeed he got to
      choose his hour as he talked about in that poem.

      Well I do tend to get long-winded don't I?

      Salut!* Bill

      (*that's Aloha in Quebec)
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