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529[aloha-donblanding] Re: No Subject

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  • Bill McMurray
    Mar 1, 2000
      I must admit I've been more than just a little pensive since reading
      Gerry's very candid account of his family's connection to DB. I guess that
      deep down inside me I still carry some of those prejudices that were so
      widely accepted when and where I was growing up.
      That being said, I have evolved enough to accept that any man's, (or
      woman's) lifestyle does not in anyway diminish his/her contribution to the
      world, no matter in what area they made their mark. One of my boyhood heros
      was Hank Williams Sr., whose lifestyle brought him to a very early grave.

      But to stick to DB, and your comment about his love for Dorthy, I agree
      with you. I'm sure his love for her was genuine. But that does not preclude
      the possibility that his love for Scotty was also.

      You asked for comments.....those are mine.


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