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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    Mar 1, 2000

      Beverly Leinbach wrote:


        I was reading through Floridays this afternoon and read "To Dorothy
      'They People Shall Be My People".  As the saying goes.....If this man didn't
      love this women, "I'll eat my hat."

        Any comments?

      Hi Bev --

      If nothing else -- Don was ALWAYS a gentleman.  He did not air his dirty laundry in public.  But the earlier reports from one of the other members of the group about what the Putnam family had to say after the divorce, together with the stories that are in my family, work together to indicate that when DB left Florida there was no love lost between Dorothy and DB.

      According to my mother, DB was miserable most of the time he was in Florida.  Dorothy wanted him "on her arm" at all of her societal and entertaining events, but she was very jealous of his work and always fought against his ever taking time to write or to promote himself.

      But it is obvious that DB earned his living by being an affable celebrity.  He KNEW how to play the game and he was expert at it.  Look how many of his available books are autographed -- look at how many people with which he maintained correspondance!  In today's vernacular, we would say that he could really "smooze,"  he was an expert at "working a room," he was a brilliant at "networking," and  he was always the ideal host.

      On the other hand, I'm sure that he and Dorothy were very close friends for many years and that there was shared love at the begining of their marriage.  But even an arranged marriage is difficult to maintain when neither partner is getting what they need, either personally or professionally, from the relationship.

      Just my thoughts -- I could be way off,


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