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  • William Smith
    Jan 17, 2000
      On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 04:16:39PM -0800, Tom Markle wrote:
      > It seems that little is know about his personal life. I have discovered
      > some letters and have recently received some new leads on people who
      > knew him. ... but know little of who he really was.

      Have you tried the Bishop Museum in Honolulu? A few years ago
      some people from the Bishop showed an old movie from the 1930s
      on Maui. It turns out the movie was written by Blanding and he
      appeared as a passenger on a steamship leaving Honolulu at the
      end of the movie.

      The Bishop people have even been able to identiry the ship. They also
      had some stories about him from his Hawaiian days. In the movie
      he was promoting the "legend" that visitors leaving Hawaii should
      throw their leis into the water from the deck of the ship. If the
      lei returns to shore it means you will return to the islands. We
      learned that Blanding had a lei making business in Waikiki and this
      legend would be great for business.

      The surprise of the evening was the "star" of the movie, who played
      a young Hawaiian girl, was brought to the showing from her home in
      Florida. She's in her 70s now, but was 15 when the movie was made.
      She of course knew Blanding since he wrote the movie and appeared
      in it. I think she said the Blanding and her father were buddies.

      The movie was shown at the Intercontinental Hotel in Maui. That hotel
      is now the Outrigger at Wailea. When it was the Intercontinental
      the poolside restaurant and bar had quite a bit of Blanding memorabelia.
      There are some ukeleles, original design Aloha shirts, drawings,
      old music scores and the like. There's a rumor that the Outrigger
      is going to renovate the hotel, and I wouldn't be surprised if they
      changed up the decor of the bar. Someone might be able to purchase
      some of the things.

      William Smith

      William Smith williams@...
      Maui High Performance Computing Center (808) 879-5077
      550 Lipoa Parkway (808) 879-5018 (fax)
      Kihei, HI 96753 WWW: http://www.mhpcc.edu
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