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4995Allen Sawtelle

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    Apr 19 9:56 AM
      Allen's wife, Wilma, emailed with me and said that Allen passed away peacefully at their home on April 16th.  He has transitioned to his next being and is no longer suffering.  There might be some type of service but she wasn't clear on that.  I'll wait and see what the family decides.  Allen and I met several times to discuss his rememberances of Don while he lived with him as a teenager. We've stayed in touch as friends for the last 14 years.  He told me some things that I could not divulge until he passed on.  We know most of it anyway but to hear it first hand was interesting.  Allen also trusted me with a very nice Acrilyic painting Don painted from Joy is An Inside Job.  Allen sent it to me, trusting  me totally, for the 2000 show.  I don't know where that will go now but Allen had indicated he would donate everything he had to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu when he transitioned.  As I hear more I'll email with the group.  Allen was the last person alive, (that I know of) that intimately knew the Vagabond Poet.  tj
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