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  • Karen Cotter
    Apr 5, 2014

      it would be nice to see those - unknown to me - and I have no nefarious scheme to do anything with your aforementioned material except enjoy it all by myself.  (I don't know anyone beside you who even knows who the heck Blanding  is, except my sister.)  Well, she sorta knows but doesn't give the proverbial rat's patoot!   I guess you could say I "know" Keith Emmons as well, but I'm certainly not sharing anything with him.  In fact, we haven't even exchanged e-mails for about 9-10 years.



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      I am home and will be sorting through everything I read/copied/scanned in this last whirlwind week.  I don't need to share everything and won't but there are some nice pic's of the door murals that DB did for this Immokolee home in 1930.  Truly a historic trip through time for me.  Beam me up Scotty.  

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