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4974Jimmy Buffett

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    Mar 7, 2014
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      Jimmy Buffett was a Blanding fan in the 80's and maybe still is.  He included Blanding poetry in books he wrote.  He also included Blanding into his 1980's record albums.  I have all that material in my collection.  Now, I'm peppering Ft. Pierce, FL., for contact information as he is considered a "local" there.  It would be really neat to communicate directly with Buffett about Don Blanding and what he saw in him and how it came to be that he quoted Blanding in books and record albums.  Another piece of interesting history to pursue.  I own some material from TV's, Hawaii Five 'O' star, Jack Lord, who was also a Blanding fan.  What other 'modern' stars might we uncover that were DB fans?  tj