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493[aloha-donblanding] Re: Tape Exchange/ Book reviews

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  • Cadia Los
    Feb 27, 2000

      I've started a new database to list book reviews and other articles
      about Blanding. If you have access to these publications, there's your
      answer. Otherwise, I may have to photocopy a batch and mail them to
      you. I am mainly interested in "publishing" the lengthier reviews,
      rather than the short book notes.

      Then you could type them out and e-mail the material back to me so I
      can create a webpage for each book, as I have already done for
      Vagabond's House and Hula Moons. For now, I am not making those
      webpages public except through the links on this site. At some point,
      I may provide hyperlinks from book titles on my Bibliography to the
      respective reviews.

      As I read through some of this material, I am noticing errors. As an
      example, an item from the New York Times in 1937 says Blanding first
      went to Hawaii "thirteen years before," when in fact it was 22 years

      Just when I was thinking that vintage publications would be our best
      source of information!

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