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491[aloha-donblanding] Tape Exchange/ Book reviews

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  • Bill McMurray
    Feb 27, 2000
      I tried sending you an e-mail regarding the tape exchange but it came back
      as undeliverable. I have a tape ready to go if you'd like to send me the
      address to send it.
      Personally I prefer not to post my snail-mail address on the 'net, but I'll
      send it directly to anyone in the group who wants or needs it for any

      I tried locating some of those book reviews in the vault. I'd like to see
      what's involved in typing them and posting, etc., Where can I read a couple
      of them to get an idea of the project before I get in over my head?
      I found out this week that I might get called back into work after 5 1/2
      YEARS on the sidelines. At the spry, young age of 61 I'm proceeding with
      caution on all fronts. I'm also pretty involved with the Bluegrass club,
      but I'm truly enjoying this group and would like to make a measured
      contribution to the very ambitious plans I see being discussed.


      > From: TJMarkle@...
      > To: aloha-donblanding@egroups.com
      > Subject: [aloha-donblanding] DB article
      > Date: Sunday, February 27, 2000 7:21 PM
      > Due to my visit in Carmel and seeing what is in the current Carmel Pine
      > I had already thought of putting together an article for the Pine Cone.
      > local "Carmelites" are very unhappy with the current editors as they are
      > unresponsive to local interests, or at least that's what I was told. I
      > emailed the Pine Cone twice with no response so far. I have two locals
      > knew DB (or of him) and I think they would be an interesting lead into DB
      > the local "Carmelites". DB was quite significant in Carmel during his
      > there, we all know that. This then was the area I was targeting for an
      > article. It would be local to Carmel and surrounding area. It is also
      > to me so that I can go there and obtain more info and pictures of the
      > etc.
      > I am going thru all of my written data, much of which was taken from

      > this site, to review dates and times he was in Carmel. Also, what books
      > may have authored while there. Cadia, I note you said he designed all 10
      > his ceramic designs while in Carmel. How do you know that? What years
      > this occur?
      > If anyone has a summary of dates he resided in Carmel, please email.

      > Otherwise I will probe through all of my material.
      > My intent was to put our email group in the article and not
      > any one person per se. We are all a team on this project. If it is
      > benificial to describe why one or all of us like DB's work, we could each

      > write a brief statement to that effect, not to overload the article
      > I really think that one of the attractions is that we have such a large
      > devoted group and its not just one person. I also liked the idea to
      > for Aloha Airlines magazine....
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