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    Oct 27, 2013
      As to Ft. Pierce and my research - It was slowed down due to a death in their family. The Editor and the article's author are brother/sister.  It hit them quite hard but I was told that the article received great reviews from locals.  I'm hoping it opens more doors for me to research.
      I'd love to learn more about this hasty ill-timed unhappy marriage to Dorothy and then again if there is any intrigue with Amelia Earhart.  I'm envisioning some kind of soap opera I guess...haha....tj  

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      TJ, you are being read! Enjoyed the Indian river article, good job!
      I don't actively do research and am merely a DB fan so have had little to add to the conversations. Keep up the good work! 
       DeeDee ( a tj/db fan) 

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      I should soon receive over 200 pages of documents from the Huntington Library. Most of them would be from his literary agent from 1948-1957. It should help documenting his time line of that era.

      I also received lots of Oklahoma research from a local Oklahoma Librarian researching for me. I haven't digested it all yet but it does give some accounting of Blanding's early life I hadn't known before. She also got a little more information on Apache scout, John Loco. I'm pounding the pavement on him right now.

      I'm also beginning to dig into the life of an author who grew up right in my backyard, Erle Stanley Gardner. Gardner wrote a humorous accounting for the 3/5/36 Carmel Pine Cone, of Blanding's love of turkey. Our local Oroville, CA, Heritage Society has an annual Erle Stanley Gardner week-end that I plan to invade. He still has local family with, I presume, photo's and archival information.

      I'm still chasing Hawaii information and contacts with some success.

      Is anyone reading this stuff???? This site is going dead, I think.


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