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  • Bev Leinbach
    Aug 1, 2013
      Armine had a long history with the London's after their first visit to the
      Ranch in 1907.

      She visited the Ranch often and knew Elisa Sheppard quite well.



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      I'd like to tighten up that part of the research. How did Armine get
      involved with Elisa? I know Jack London visited with Armine's parents in
      early 1916 just Blanding came to Hawaii. How did that relationship continue
      on with Elisa? Questions, questions, questions. The letters to/from DB and
      Elisa were in 1936 and were of mundane things like finding Navajo or Indian
      blankets for her. Not much info to get excited about. I have my own
      visions of DB being consciously or unconsciously influenced to go to Carmel
      because of the legacy left by Jack London and Stoddard in Carmel. tj

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      Armine von Tempsky was there with him at one time and it is she that
      introduced him to Charmian London when she visited the Ball's in LA.


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      I've received my first batch of material from the Huntington. There's
      nothing exciting in it except some letters between DB and Elisa London
      Shepard, who managed Jack London's property in Glen Ellen CA. It does tell
      me that Don himself knew her prior to going there for a few weeks on his way
      to Carmel with Scotty on their road trip. I recall some past speculation
      that it was Armine that knew Elisa and it was she that got them to go there.
      Apparently not. Much of the material is dated which is a bit unusual for DB
      but nice for putting it into a time line. My next batch will be the
      letters/communications from/to his agent. Those might be more interesting.

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