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4848DiamondHead Theatre photo's of DB

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  • tjmarkle2005
    Apr 23, 2013
      I dug up the photo's of DB that are in the foyer of this theatre and dug a little deeper. This is the answer I received. I post it in case no one had received this kind of answer before. The Artistic Director, John Rampage emailed this back to me today. There was previous discussions in our forums about the date written on the pictures and maybe this answers all questions except which play was DB in here?

      Aloha TJ,

      Unfortunately there are no dates on the picture itself, and the poster in the lobby is a blowup of a poster that was done 30 years ago. Our amateur archivist who put it together, Norman Wright, passed away several years ago, so I don't know why he chose the dates he listed. He may have deducted that it looked the most like In A Persian Garden which was part of the 1915 – 1916 season. If you've been to our website you've seen the listings for the 1915 - 1916 , 1916 – 1917 , and 1917 – 1918 seasons, and I'd be hard pressed to match the photo with any other shows of that period. Unfortunately the only program we have of that period is for The Amazons.

      I'm sorry to say that no, we do not have online access to the archives. And we recently completed a 2 year process of bringing our archives up to date, so the only thing we have on file of Don Blanding is the photograph.

      Sorry to not be of more help to you. Unfortunately from the mid- 1980's till the mid- 90's, no one took care of the archives and a lot of precious documents were destroyed or mysteriously disappeared. But should any further information on Don Blanding turn up I will be happy to forward it on to you.

      John Rampage