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  • Cadia
    Mar 8 2:00 PM
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      Hi, TJ . . .

      Blanding most certainly was living in Honolulu and working for the Honolulu Advertiser in March 1917. The announcement of his joining the staff of what was then called the Pacific Commercial Advertiser appears in the March 13, 1917 edition. More than 40 editorial and other cartoons were published between March 17 and mid-May. Please see my message #4334 of February 23, 2008.

      In reading the January and February 1917 editions of the Advertiser, I did not find any reference to DB, but that is to be expected considering his recent arrival (December 22, 1916) in Honolulu. It is possible he visited Maui during that time. However, it also helps to remember that Hula Moons is fiction.

      Re: Chin Chong the Candlemaker

      Please see my message #4152 of March 8, 2007 (exactly 6 years ago!) and the reference to a 1952 article in the Oregon Journal about DB when he was in Bend, Oregon. The article mentions the influence of Chin Chong on his art.

      This morning I retrieved my notes on Chin Chong; just now I can't locate the advertising brochure but it probably dates from the early 1950s when the candlemaker's shop was on the temple grounds on North Vineyard Blvd., not Beretania. The three locations are as follows:

      362 North Beretania St.
      Chin Chong (Leong See)
      1917-1918 city directory - general store

      362 North Beretania St.
      Chin Chong (Lum Kiang Hoy)
      1921 city directory - general store

      362 North Beretania St.
      near King St. (on left side toward town)
      Chin Chong Candle Shop
      1923 - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

      The above location is mauka across Beretania St. from the ewa end of Aala Park, which DB mentions often in his writing. Today the address is part of a low-income housing project.

      1182 Nu'uanu St.
      Chin Chong Candle Shop - opposite Liberty Theatre (1175 Nu'uanu)
      Nov. 26, 1927 - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

      Nu'uanu St. is the dividing line between north and south street designations and marked the edge of Chinatown. No. 1182 no longer exists -- the whole block between Pauahi and Beretania is now No. 1170 (apartment complex and shops) except for the church at No. 1190 on the corner of Beretania. The actual site is most likely the small post office station, which is closest to the church. It is about a block from the Hawaii Theatre on Bethel St. where DB produced Dream Girls.

      170 North Vineyard Blvd.
      Chin Chong Candle Shop
      Per leaflet, no date but maybe 1950s
      On site of Kuan Jin Temple next to Foster Botanical Gardens, near Aala St.

      170 North Vineyard Blvd.
      Chin Chong Candle Manufacturers (Mrs. Choy Moy Ching Lum*)
      * r 43a Kahela Ln.
      1954 Honolulu Polk's directory

      The temple is a very beautiful building that dates from the late 1800's. The grounds, on which the candle shop was located, are adjacent to the botanical gardens.

      From these city directory citations, I believe the candlemaker's real name is Lum Kiang Hoy. (Will have to locate the brochure to confirm.) Some years ago I was contacted by a descendant of Chin Chong who wanted a copy of DB's poem to read at a family funeral. Finding it among thousands of saved e-mails may take some time, but I'll try.

      As far as I know, the first publication of the poem was in 1925 in the Star-Bulletin.

      Hope this timeline helps, and perhaps the names will be familiar to the Chinese lady who has contacted you. I have photos of the 3 candle shop locations as they existed in August 2011 and will see about getting prints for you. I also need to schedule some library time to dig further through the Honolulu city directories. On my trips to Honolulu I concentrated on the 1920s and a bit on 1953 and 1954; now I need to fill in the gaps. Fortunately, the Seattle library has the directories either on microfilm or on the shelf.

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