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  • Cadia
    Mar 7, 2013
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      TJ, great job on the Star-Advertiser article! Curious, though, why there's no mention of the Hitchcock painting of Aunty Pinau. That is the single most important link to Aunty Pinau, not only what she looked like but as part of Hitchcock's body of work sure to catch the interest of art galleries and collectors.

      I was not able to view the super-sized image file you e-mailed to me, so it was nice to see the photo of DB. Did you also provide the secondary photo of DB draped with lei or was that from the newspaper's morgue?

      A correction: DB arrived in Honolulu on December 22, 1916, not December 24 ("three days before Christmas" and aboard the Great Northern which reached port that day). I'm also a little mystified that DB spent his first few weeks in Honolulu with an Hawaiian family. He described his first Christmas in the Islands on several occasions -- alone and homesick. I also question his spending "several months" in early 1917 on Maui. I can document DB as being in Honolulu at that time, starting work at the Advertiser as a cartoonist.

      Nice going on the Chin Chong reference, too. I can provide you with some information on the candlemaker; you do know that Chin Chong is not his real name, right?

      I photographed three locations of his shops (listed as "general store")on my visits to Honolulu. The earliest one was across Beretania St. from Aala Park and where DB met him. The second was on Nu'uanu St. makai of Beretania St. and across from the old Liberty Theatre. The third was on the grounds of a Buddhist temple on Beretania, a location that no doubt made for a lot of candle sales! The three shops cover a span from before 1916 to at least 1954.

      Oh, and by the way, Facebook members can access the Honolulu Star-Advertiser online free of charge. Just "like" their page and you gain access to all the subscriber-only content. Only subscribers can post comments, however.

      Please keep us posted!

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