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  • Cadia
    Feb 19, 2013
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      TJ, you might want to get your own timeline in order. Don Blanding left Honolulu in mid-July 1928, bound for Seattle through December and thence to New York through at least most of 1931. (He did travel a bit on the East Coast during 1930-31.)

      The 10th annual Lei Day was in May 1937 -- not 1929. This was DB's first visit back to Hawaii since he left in 1928. He arrived about April 19, 1937, and remained in the Islands until about September 20. He did not return again to Honolulu until late April 1939, remaining through the summer. He then made a mainland tour and went back to Honolulu in November (having asked friends to delay his birthday celebration until November 15).

      During the winter of 1939-1940, DB put together the production, A Night to Remember, which played in early February. By February 15, 1940, he was headed back to Carmel, CA, to sell his house and meander across country to Florida. (He and Dorothy met briefly on the day of his departure.) A short time after his arrival in Florida, he and Dorothy were married in mid-June.

      DB did not return again to the Islands until 1953, following his voyage to Micronesia; he left Bend, OR, in late August 1952 and as nearly as I can figure, was settled again in Honolulu by early spring 1953. DB remained in the Islands until September 1955. He spent the remainder of his life traveling on the mainland, with trips to both Alaska and Canada in 1956 and 1957.

      So, if taken in Hawaii, your photo has to be either (1) before mid-July 1928 or (2) between April-September 1937 or (3) between April-September 1939 or (4) between November 15, 1939, and February 15, 1940 or (5) between early 1953 and late September 1955.

      Hope this helps in dating the photo.

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