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4776Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Honolulu Star-Bulletin columns - January-March 1957

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    Jan 4, 2013
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      I'm totally surprised at your comments about DB not having a regular column. I
      thought he was held in high esteem as a columnist and wrote columns similar to
      what he wrote for the Carmel Pine Cone. The Vagabonds House poem first appeared
      in print in 1923 but I was sure it had to surface a year or two prior in some
      form or other. I can't believe he hid the poem until published in 1923. That
      really wasn't his style. He frequently 'previewed' his work with others prior
      to publishing. Hmmmmmm....tj

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      Hello, TJ . . .

      The only columns DB wrote for the Star-Bulletin were published in the Saturday
      magazine section, Hawaiian Life, between September 1953 and July 1957 (some
      posthumously). During this time (1954 and 1955) he also wrote a few separate
      articles and contributed some artwork for the magazine.

      From 1924 through mid-1928, he wrote a number of articles for the S-B --
      primarily about his proposal for Lei Day in 1928. But he was not a columnist
      and did not have a regular daily or weekly article until 1953.

      I have transcribed most, if not all, of this material and uploaded it to the
      group website. Look in Files/Publications/Honolulu Star-Bulletin. I may have
      updated versions elsewhere, either correcting typos or inserting columns I was
      missing at the time. I know I still have to transcribe about 15 of the 200+

      For the Honolulu Advertiser, DB did a series of political cartoons for the
      editorial page, plus a few random cartoons on topics of interest. A couple of
      the latter are accompanied by non-bylined text, which may or may not have been
      written by DB. All of this material was published between mid-March and mid-May

      As you may recall, I scanned some of the 1917 cartoons several years ago and
      presented them here.

      Before 1924, DB's only contributions to the Star-Bulletin were the series of
      Aji-No-Moto ads placed by the Charles Frazier ad agency and a brief article in
      connection with the 1923 Ad Fair.

      It's a complete myth that DB had a weekly "Don Blanding page" in the
      Star-Bulletin. I have read every column inch of the S-B from December 1916
      through 1928, even going back into the portions of 1922 and 1924
      that Keith read and for which he provided copies. Nowhere did I find evidence
      of any ongoing "page."

      I also have never found "Vagabond's House" (in any form) published in the
      Star-Bulletin through 1928. If it had been published from 1929 onward, it would
      have been indexed. I suppose it's possible that all or part of the poem may have
      appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser; I have read this newspaper only for
      1917-1918 (when it was the Pacific Commercial Advertiser) plus indexed items
      after 1928.

      Hope this information helps.


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