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4774Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Honolulu Star-Bulletin columns - January-March 1957

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    Jan 4, 2013
      Thanks Cadia. I believe I have the pieces of my Vagabonds House puzzle in order
      and I can see how it developed into the final published 1928 poem in his book.
      He played with it and tweaked it for nearly 5 years. I have a hard time
      believing it didn't show up in print somewhere else. I'm thinking it might have
      been partially published as is or under a different name with different
      experimental text. If not, then he kept it really close to himself for some
      unknown reason. It could be he just didn't think it would be as big as it
      became. tj

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      Hello, TJ . . .

      The only columns DB wrote for the Star-Bulletin were published in the Saturday
      magazine section, Hawaiian Life, between September 1953 and July 1957 (some
      posthumously). During this time (1954 and 1955) he also wrote a few separate
      articles and contributed some artwork for the magazine.

      From 1924 through mid-1928, he wrote a number of articles for the S-B --
      primarily about his proposal for Lei Day in 1928. But he was not a columnist
      and did not have a regular daily or weekly article until 1953.

      I have transcribed most, if not all, of this material and uploaded it to the
      group website. Look in Files/Publications/Honolulu Star-Bulletin. I may have
      updated versions elsewhere, either correcting typos or inserting columns I was
      missing at the time. I know I still have to transcribe about 15 of the 200+

      For the Honolulu Advertiser, DB did a series of political cartoons for the
      editorial page, plus a few random cartoons on topics of interest. A couple of
      the latter are accompanied by non-bylined text, which may or may not have been
      written by DB. All of this material was published between mid-March and mid-May

      As you may recall, I scanned some of the 1917 cartoons several years ago and
      presented them here.

      Before 1924, DB's only contributions to the Star-Bulletin were the series of
      Aji-No-Moto ads placed by the Charles Frazier ad agency and a brief article in
      connection with the 1923 Ad Fair.

      It's a complete myth that DB had a weekly "Don Blanding page" in the
      Star-Bulletin. I have read every column inch of the S-B from December 1916
      through 1928, even going back into the portions of 1922 and 1924
      that Keith read and for which he provided copies. Nowhere did I find evidence
      of any ongoing "page."

      I also have never found "Vagabond's House" (in any form) published in the
      Star-Bulletin through 1928. If it had been published from 1929 onward, it would
      have been indexed. I suppose it's possible that all or part of the poem may have
      appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser; I have read this newspaper only for
      1917-1918 (when it was the Pacific Commercial Advertiser) plus indexed items
      after 1928.

      Hope this information helps.


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