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  • Mauibandb
    Oct 8, 2012

      I could not find anything on the internet for quick perusal. I am not sure if Aikane was one of the last Kahuna from King Kalakaua's Hawaiian Renaissance court. But as I recall there was at least one that lived into the time period of Aunty Pinau and DB and possible Pinau could have cared for him. He is documented in DB's Pictures of Paradise as the carver and the conch blower I believe. But I do not know if he was the one named Aikane. I believe that he was Kahuna of Hula.

      If Auntie Pinau did indeed take care of one of the reportedly last Kahuna of Polynesia then maybe you should take your research to the Bishop Museum. As the Conch Blower and bowl carver was a cultural practitioner at the Museum in early 20th century. I believe I read somewhere and also that he was from Kalakaua's court. Through his association with the Bishop Museum this Kahuna might carry the reputation of being the last remaining one in Polynesia. He could be one in the same and also the one that Aunty Pinau cared for.
      I am not sure who is the proper one to contact at the Museum for this?

      Also Mary Kawena Pukui's daughter and reservoir of her legacy Pat Namaka Bacon is in Honolulu and is another possible resource. If Aikane was Kahuna of Hula then Pat would probably be most helpful. If not she could probably direct you to those that could help at the museum. I believe that Pat also worked at the Museum but is retired.
      Remember though that many Kahuna went under ground after the Hawaiian Royalty converted to christianity. People are not openly willing to talk about them even today. Some families still protect these secrets. So you will have to make as strong case that you have no other intentions in your pursuit of information other than documenting the life of Aunty Pinau upfront or you will face brick walls.

      I wish I could help you as this research is very interesting to me. But right now I continue to be stretched between our Inn and the KBH Hotel that need constant attention to be successful. Along with other family matters I haven't the time or the energy to stretch more.

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      This is for Maui Tom:

      Did you read Keith's info on Aunty Pinau and Bandleader, Harry Owens? It talks
      about her being a caretaker of Aikane the Kahuna, the venerable last of the
      priests of Polynesia. I'm not well versed in Hawaiian history and I'm not sure
      what to do with that info. Maybe you can pass it on to your Hawaiian friends
      and see what they can find from it? Mahalo...tj


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