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    Oct 2, 2012
      According to what is in Hula Moons, she lived on Maui but had family in
      Honolulu. A possible last name is Kalakalani. I think Keith dug that up
      somewhere. So, Aunty Pinau Kalakalani could be her name. She had her portrait
      painted in the 1920's by Howard Hitchcock who was quite famous in Hawaii. The
      portrait sold within the last 10 years to someone but I don't know who bought
      it. I went into his website but found nothing so far. If she was important
      enough to have a portrait painting by a famous painter, she must have been
      somebody. An obituary would be a great find. I'll keep you posted if I come up
      with something. Aloha.....tj

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      I tried in vain many years ago to have a friend with roots to Kaupo Hana
      research her to no avail. Pinau probably is not her name it is a nick name
      I think. Do you have a reference to her last name anywhere? That would be
      I am not sure if she lived in Hana or Honolulu? I think she may have been
      from Hana?

      Maui Tom

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      I have emails out to most every Hawaiian museum and the Univ. of Hawaii
      seeking any/all info on Aunty Pinau. I'd like to capture her bio. somehow or
      at least find an obit on her. We'l see what happens. tj


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