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  • Cadia
    Mar 2, 2012
      TJ, it's really not necessary to order microfilm (newspapers are not on microfiche. Most public and university libraries have online newspaper databases accessible from their respective websites, either from home or at the library. The Seattle Public Library's list includes America's Genealogy Bank, ProQuest, New York Times Historical and Seattle Times Historical:


      From the King County Library System's website, I use Nineteenth Century Newspapers and Newspaper Archive:


      The Hawaii State Library is in the process of digitizing the Hawaii Newspaper Index, 1929 onward (currently 5 hardbound volumes available at select libraries, including some in California). Once the index is online, anyone can access it and then request copies of specific articles. I am working (slowly) on a Blanding (and related) index for 1917-1928 and will provide a hard copy to the HSL so they can add to the published indices. (Ken, if your library would like a copy, please let me know.)

      Many newspapers have their own online archives, going back to at least 1980 and often before, although some material may be restricted to subscribers.

      As you know, my personal files (about 30 3-ring binders) include virtually every mention of Don Blanding (and related subjects) from the Honolulu newspapers from 1917 to 1957 and even beyond. America's Genealogy Bank, Newspaper Archives and Nineteenth Century Newspapers have yielded much material going back as far as the 1870s from a variety of newspapers. I also have material from Bend (OR), Taos (NM) and Fort Pierce (FL), the latter two provided by Keith.

      If you need something, ask if I have it first. If not, then you easily can obtain it from the sources I have cited. AGB and NA continue to add newspapers to their databases, which reminds me I should see what's new in the past couple of years!

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