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  • tjmarkle2005
    Oct 7, 2011
      The day one part of the show went well. I'm pleased. Actually met a 76 year old man who remembered walking with Don in Carmel when he was a child. His parents knew Don. I have his phone # and address and I'll be talking more with him. Really something to meet someone like that. He confirmed a little part of my lecture about Don's depression and unhappiness in the 50's. I had lots of compliments on my collection which is quite impressive I must say. I have so much I couldn't display it all. I lectured 50 Carmel tourists who never heard of Don. They were so impressed with his artwork/ceramics/books/poetry that they were taking photo's like crazy. Lots of positive comments and amazement of Don's artistic abilities and the fact that he was a vagabond. From 5-7pm I lectured another 28 people who stayed another 2 hours with questions to answer about Don and his life. Again, very positive comments about Don and his Carmel affiliations. I go back tomorrow from 1-5pm for who ever shows up. Sunday A.M. I pack up and leave for home. Great time and I enjoyed it and would do it again...........in ten years....tj
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