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4664Dave Ballard and Don Blanding

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  • Andrew Singleton
    Sep 2, 2011
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      Andrew N. Singleton & Lenora A. Singleton
      From: "Andrew Singleton" <andysingl@...>
      To: aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com

      In 1961 I was a brandnew sailor stationed at Sandpoint Naval Air
      Station Seattle Washington. I Can't begin to remember how many
      evenings I sat in my car behind the recreation center looking out over
      Lake Washington and listening to the Dave Ballard show Reflections. I
      fell madly in love with Daves rendition of Don Blandings prose of The
      Vagabonds House and The Spun Glass Ship. Being young and foolish I
      never thought to record them. I left Seattle and toured most of the
      world. In 1970 I found myself back in Seattle and again started to
      Dave Ballard. This time I did record both of the above mentioned
      prose. Unfortunately My older brother accidently recorded over my
      tape and recorded Johny Cash.
      I retired from the Navy in 1978 and in 1994 I moved back to the state
      of Washiington. Since then I have been trying desperately to some how
      obtain these two recordings, unfortunately I am always a day late and
      a dollar short.
      I stumbled across your society today and am hoping that you can help
      me. If anyone would be able to help me find these recordings, sell me
      a copy or record theirs and sell me the recordings It would make this
      old retired sailor the happiest person on this planet.
      Also could someone send me information on how to join
      aloha-donblanding society I would greatly appreciate that.
      Thanking you in advance:
      Sincerely and God Bless you
      Andrew Singleton USN Retired
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