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4646DB painting in Rogue River

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  • onion3851
    May 21 5:35 AM
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      Aloho Y'all,

      Sorry to be so derelict in keeping you up to date on what is happening with the Don Blanding painting that is owned by the octogenarian in Rogue River Oregon. He is a widower and has found himself a girl friend, so has been busy and happy!

      We finally got the information on the painting, and I really appreciate all of your kind assistance. The title is not specifically clear, but on page 138 in "Aloha Hawaii" there is a poem titled "Rising Moon". And on page 139 is this painting. So I assume that will be its name.

      We are listing it for sale on ebay this morning. It will run for 10 days without a BUY IT NOW option. The reserve price will be hidden, and it is $200. The artist who first authenticated it for us will buy it for that if it does not sell for more. It I don't have any problems posting it, you should be able to find it later today. (We post the things that originate from the group at the Senior Center about 9:00 AM so the fellows can watch them count down to the final bid. They are excited to see the changes that usually happen in the last few minutes.)

      I thank you again for your kind help.

      Regards, Jerry