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4630Don Blanding work found in Oregon

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  • onion3851
    Apr 23, 2011
      Hello again from Rogue River Oregon. This is Jerry and I want to thank you for the information you posted for me. I really goofed on the status of our Don the veteran of WWII. Don was only in Hawaii long enough to ship out to the Marshall Islands, and did not see or have any contact with Don Blanding. He only heard about him, and did not know him. He acquired the items he has now when he was running an antique store in Rogue River in the 70's. He held on to them since he had heard about Don Blanding in Hawaii.

      That said, we have tried to take some photos of the items, and I will see if I can send them to you. The first one is of the drawing that we hope is an original. If any of you folks recognize it and know its name, then it is not original and must be a coppy. If you don't recognize it, we would be real happy, because it might be original.

      I will send the pictures along when I have figured out how to attach them to a my posting. Got to go now to get ready to take my girlfriend of 50 years to the opera in Grants Pass. She loves LA TRAVIATA, and I like it now since it reminds of Julia Roberts! Hah! Thank you for your help.

      Regards, Jerry Wray