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4629Re: [aloha-donblanding] Don Blanding items owned by an 88-year old army veteran in Oregon

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    Apr 20, 2011
      The book,' Hawaii Says Hello' is fairly common and not exceptionally valuable.
      If it has an interesting inscription and a dust jacket it can be easily
      marketed. 'Leaves from a Grass House' is also fairly common. We would need the
      brochure name to determine rarity (or not). The 6X10 drawing is interesting
      though small. If it has small white out markings on it then it might have been
      used in a book. Don would correct his drawings with white out before final book
      submission. I own several drawings like this. The white out doesn't show in
      the book. If there isn't any white out then it could be a print not an
      original. If original then it might have been a presentation piece to a friend
      which is what it sounds like to me. We would be most interested in this WWII
      vets views on Don himself. Did he ever meet him? What does he remember about
      the those times and did Blanding communicate with him by letter? Does he still
      have the letters if he did? Any information at all would be helpful in our
      research. I know that Don maintained touch with several WWII vets that I
      interviewed and they had his letters which I copied. tj

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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Don Blanding items owned by an 88-year old army
      veteran in Oregon

      Hello members,
      My name is Jerry and I have joined your group in hopes of gaining information
      about some items that are owned by a US Army WWII veteran. Don was stationed in
      Hawaii at one time, and he knows that Mr. Blanding is the "Poet Laureate" of
      Hawaii. He is part of a group of retirees who meet each morning to cuss and
      discuss at the Senior Center in Rogue River Oregon, USA. Since I am the "kid" of
      the group at age 73 and as a retired school teacher have a little smattering of
      skill in using computers, I research and sell on ebay things that the fellows
      find in their basements, attics, and storerooms that can make them a little
      money as a welcome supplement to pensions and social security. Folks bring their
      things into the Senior

      Center and if we think they could sell on ebay I have little digital camera to
      take pictures and we write it up. For example we got $155 for an old wood gun
      stock, $150 for a WWII sleeping bag, and $32 for an old watch.
      Don, the owner of the Don Blanding items, is 88 (kind of in the middle age-wise
      of our group of 10, and I have been researching for him without too much
      success. But I stumbled onto your very informative group and now know lots more
      than I did. I will be sending some photos to you as soon as I can figure out how
      to do it, and my hope is that you can help me see if the things Don has are
      worth putting on ebay, and a guesstimate of what they might be worth. He has:
      The book HAWAII SAYS HELLO copyright 1955
      A small 10-page brochure signed by Mr. Blanding in 1932
      The book LEAVES FROM A GRASS HOUSE 2nd edition copyright 1923
      A pen-and-ink drawing of the ocean at night with a full moon partially
      obscured by clouds. It has the inscription along the bottom that I thinks says
      "For Jack and James Aloha Vagabonds" and then his signature. It is about about
      10 inches high and about 6 inches wide.

      I have looked and looked at the artist's drawings on many sites, and have not
      found this painting, so we are hoping it is an original work and could have some
      significant monetary value to Don. Any ideas or suggestions would be very much
      appreciated by us. Thank you.

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