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4609Double Life poem by Don Blanding

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  • tjmarkle2005
    Feb 26 7:23 PM
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      Years ago we had discussions as to the possible meanings of the Double Life poem. Some thought it was a reference to his sexuality; some thought it was a reference to his conflicts about being a Vagabond and wanting/needing a place to permanently reside.
      I came across a snipet in one of his columns that answered the question for me. The partial quote from his column is as follows:

      "This is the season when friends send postcards from Hither, Thither and even Yon saying "Having a swell time. Wish you were here." The pictures of totem poles, geysers, big fish, etc., are getting me pretty restless." The feeling has inspired the following jingle:

      "How very pleasant it would be
      If only there were two of me:
      A restless Me to drift and roam,
      A Quiet Me to stay at home."

      I believe this "jingle" is the birth of the Double Life poem. This column was from the Carmel Pine Cone 7-22-38 and affirmed his restlessness and boredom with the everyday life he chose in Carmel with owning a home and doing the everyday things Vagabond's would never dream of doing on a regular basis. As we know it wasn't too long after this that he got those restless feet again and abandoned Carmel.
      Somehow I overlooked this column until I began re-reading everything.

      Kinda interesting.....Comments?
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