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    Jan 26, 2011
      Glad to have sparked a new interest. There is a book I saw several years ago
      when I was researching at the Carmel Historical Library. I've forgotten the
      actual title but I think I can locate it again. The title of the book might
      have been Carmel's Bohemian Poets, or some derivative of that name. I browsed
      it but didn't get a chance to read it and now I wish I had. I'll track it down.
      It mentioned and discussed some of the writers I mentioned (Stoddard, Sterling,
      London and others). One interesting fact I remembered was how the 1906
      earthquake unsettled this same group of writers and they had to move to Carmel
      because their SF building was destroyed in the quake. I would be interested in
      reading Charmain's letters from the 1930's. I think DB met Armine for the first
      time at their publishers office in NY if I remember the story correctly. I'm
      interested in what motivated and inspired DB to do some things that I previously
      ascribed to his just being a self motivated vagabond. I don't think it was
      always the case. There may have been more influences on him that we know. As a
      side note, there is another bio on Jack London that suggests he was homosexual
      or bi-sexual and he and his best buddy from Carmel, George Sterling were linked.
      That one threw me for a loop. I hadn't a clue. A-La-Don Blanding? Isn't
      research fun!!! tj

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      Jack London certainly was well known when Don Blanding was a school boy, so it
      is very likely that he read his books.

      London died in November 1916, just a month or so before DB arrived in Honolulu.
      The newspapers often mentioned London and his wife, particularly in regard to
      the lifesize bust that was commissioned to honor his memory.

      I think DB may have met Charmian long before 1935; he met Armine in 1928, and
      both DB and Charmian were in Honolulu in earlier years.

      TJ, I have a number of Honolulu Star-Bulletin or Advertiser clips about the
      Londons. Give me a few days to round them up and perhaps I can provide more
      information about any connection to DB.

      Bev, did I include the London clips when I sent you material about Armine?


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