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  • Keith
    Nov 6, 2010
      I sent you the phone number and address Tom,

      My Blanding research has been on hold for a number of years. I work from home doing freelance graphic design, and Vanessa and I run a full-time business selling vintage sheet music on eBay. That and raising two precocious girls leaves me with little time for research.

      Which isn't to say I've lost interest in Don...I still poke around here in there when I'm playing hooky from my work. He's a fascinating man with many mysteries still unexplored so one day I'll get back to him...unless someone from this group beats me to a biography, which would be fine.


      --- In aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com, THOMAS MARKLE <tjmarkle@...> wrote:
      > How interesting. You probably know that I recently purchased a Hollywood photo
      > of Don and Breen together in a staged photo shoot. I have a copy of their film
      > and of course the Stowaways book with them on the book cover. Fun but it never
      > crossed my mind to see if Breen was alive and kicking. If you don't mind please
      > send me his phone number and I'll bone up a bit and see if I can get an
      > interview with him. Nice work on your part. It never occurred to me to check
      > him out. Must be getting old. Are you out of the Blanding research stuff or do
      > you just pick at it now? Niners are on Bye week - so, go Broncos! tj
      > ________________________________
      > From: Keith <keith2draw@...>
      > To: aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Fri, November 5, 2010 5:12:50 PM
      > Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Bobby Breen
      > Hey TJ,
      > I have a detective assignment for you. Since you're the most experienced with
      > interviews in our group, how'd you like to do a telephone interview with Bobby
      > Breen? The child actor who worked with Don on Hawaii Calls in 1938. Apparently
      > he's still alive (turns 83 next month) and living in Tamarac, Florida. He runs a
      > talent agency named Bobby Breen Enterprises. I'm sure he has some amusing
      > stories about "Uncle Don." He might even have some artwork of his. You can get
      > the phone number by googling it, or email me.
      > Did you know that Bobby Breen appeared on the cover of The Beatles' "Sergeant
      > Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album? His head is right next to George
      > Harrison. Your trivia lesson for the day LOL.
      > Keith
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