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4559Re: [aloha-donblanding] Copies of DB sheet music -- anyone?

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    Aug 30 1:05 PM
      I have a few pieces, some I copied from Allen Sawtelle's collection and a few
      others. Give me private email with a mailing address and I'll geterdone quickly
      for you. Great work on your part! tj

      From: Cadia <duchess@...>
      To: aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, August 30, 2010 12:23:06 PM
      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Copies of DB sheet music -- anyone?

      I had a wonderful time in Honolulu . . . enjoyed meeting Donna and Jackie . . .
      drenched myself in Hawaiian music and hula . . . toured the beautifully restored
      Hawai'i Theatre that DB would have known so well.

      Now comes the good part. One of my favorite slack key guitarists, Cyril
      Pahinui, has expressed interest in performing and possibly recording hapa haole
      songs. I have provided lists of some of the music written by Alex Anderson,
      Edwin Sawtelle and others (some with lyrics by Don Blanding), with a view toward
      including some of this music from the 1920s and later.

      What I would like now is photocopies of DB-related sheet music that I can give
      to Cyril when he is in Seattle on September 12. (What musician can look over
      actual sheet music and resist picking up a guitar?) The songs from Tropic
      Topics, Dream Girls and Hula Moon would be ideal, but any other early work by
      Anderson or Sawtelle is fine. Music by their contemporaries, John K. Almeida,
      Johnny Noble, Charles E. King, etc., is well represented in Hawaiian musicians'
      repertoires. I would like to see examples by Anderson and Sawtelle, preferably
      with DB lyrics, added to the mix.

      No promises, of course. Perhaps the DB-related music is not suitable for what
      Cyril has in mind. But here's an opportunity to get the ear of one of Hawaii's
      legendary musicians, and perhaps those of other Hawaiian artists as well.

      Cyril has also hinted to me that a program of vintage hapa haole music at the
      Hawai'i Theatre might be an interesting project. How perfect a setting!

      So, who has material to share? Sharp, clean photocopies are all I need, perhaps
      a half dozen pieces to tempt Cyril into strumming a few chords.



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