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4531Re: [aloha-donblanding] Sad day today in Honolulu

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    Jun 8, 2010
      I believe those artifacts are controlled by the Marriott Hotel chain. They are in storage at the present time. I've been staying in touch with a person who assures me they still have them. I've been concerned about them for some time and have tried to unlock the door to them without success. I asked if they had them in a controlled safe area as the humidity could damage them. I was told they were not going to sell or release any of it as they might use them at a later date within the hotel chain itself. That's all I know at this time. My last email conversation was about 6 months ago....tj

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      I also wonder what happened to all the Don Blanding artifacts that were
      at the hotel in Wailea Maui. I think it was the Intercontinental but I
      am not sure. They had a "Hula Moons" restaurant with a lot of Don's
      artifacts and the hotel even had a curator. I stopped in and visited
      the curator about a dozen years ago and I remember him showing me
      material that was not on display in the restaurant. I see on the web,
      there is a Hula Moons restaurant at the Marriott. It might be the same
      hotel. Does anyone know and has anyone been there recently?
      Al Dayton

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