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4518DB poem: Pacific Northwest, 1951

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  • Cadia
    Mar 12, 2010
      Hello, all ...

      I think I have come across a Don Blanding poem that does not appear in any of his books. It was published on October 28, 1951, in The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, as part of "Oregon Verse," the first publication poetry column edited by Ethel Romig Fuller.


      I am a shaggy land, a maverick,
      Rebel to harness, scornful of all fences;
      Eyes to the setting sun, yet eagle-quick
      To geet the rising sun where West commences.
      Wind of the North may lash with icy flick,
      Wind of the South may gentle me a season,
      Lure me with pastures . . . wily trapper's trick;
      Show me soft roads that lead to Freedom's treason.
      I warn you, dodge the lashing hoof's swift kick.
      Beware bared teeth . . . I am a maverick.

      Don Blanding, Bend, Oregon

      DB was living in Bend when "Pacific Northwest" appeared in The Oregonian.

      I also have on my desk copies of two earlier Oregon Verse columns that contain DB's work. One is from July 1, 1934, with "Memory Room" signed Don Blanding, Honolulu, even though DB was nowhere near Hawaii at the time. The second is from August 25, 1935, with "Wonder" signed with his name and Hollywood, Cal. Ms. Fuller prefaces "Wonder" thusly: From a forthcoming new volume, we are honored with this poem."

      The column notes that "payment of $1 is made for each published poem."
      I wonder if DB accepted the dollar . . . .